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Student Research Blogs

Below are links to student research blogs. They were done as part of a project in a second-semester Composition and Literature course where we focused on Native American history, culture, and literature.

Historical Research: from On Sand Creek by Simon Ortiz

Cultural/Historic Research: Catholicism, Education, and Native American History

Comparative Research: Disney versus the “Real” Pocahantas

Challenging Race and Stereotypes in Sherman Alexie’s Flight

Navajo Codetalkers in Contemporary Film

The Last of the Mohicans and Attitudes About Race

The Trail of Tears: Images and Words

Challenging Native American Stereotypes in Film – Smoke Signals

Historical Research: The FBI, AIM, and Thunderheart

Stereotyping and Ten Little Indians

Native Americans and the Boarding School Experience

Pushing the Bear and the Indian Removal Act

** All student blogs are public domain and used with the expressed permission of the authors.

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