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Scholarly Research Blogs

Rhetoric/Composition Blogs

Terra Nova is an interdisciplinary weblog about the intersection of society, simulation, and play. (multi-authored)

Spinuzzi: A blog about rhetoric, technology, research, and where we’re headed next

Culture Cat: Rhetoric and Feminism

Weblogs in Higher Education

Writing Assessment

The Rhetorica Network: Offers analysis and commentary about the rhetoric, propaganda, biases, and spin of journalism.

Diary of a Writing Teacher: The musings (personal, academic, perhaps sometimes borderline wacky) of a rhetoric and composition teacher

RhetHistoria: How rhetoric helps make sense of contemporary happenings

Science Blogs

Research Blogging: Topics from anthropology through zoology; multiple contributors

Top 50 Biology Research Blogs

Top 50 Medical Research Blogs

Research Blogs (formerly Exquisite Life): Multiple authors; research in the sciences

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